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How to Build Early Writing Skills

When is the best time to start teaching your child to write? You might be surprised to know that Montessori students begin learning to write as early as age two! Starting early has many benefits, and in fact, many Montessori children can read before entering kindergarten. The Montessori method works by taking advantage of early development, a magical time when children are most receptive to learning language skills. From their first coos to writing their first “A,” children are building lasting skills that will help them grow.

Writing Starts with Story Time

Storytime is a fun way for teachers and parents to bond with their children while also encouraging academic development. From infancy forward, reading with your child will build an early interest in learning to read and write, and it will enhance your child’s language skills.

Honing Fine Motor Skills

Montessori students are given a variety of activities to strengthen their fine motor skills. Washing dishes, assembling pegged puzzles, and using scissors are just a few. Activities using the hands and fingers will make it easier to use a pencil in the future.

Developing Upper Body Skills

Proper posture and arm strength are very important when a child is learning to write. For example, children should be able to sit up straight for a period of time while being able to use arms properly. Easily switching from hand to hand and reaching around their back indicates that the child has strong arm muscle control, and they might be ready to start writing.

Tracing Lines

Tracing lines teaches children how to hold a pencil while learning basic letter formations. Students simply trace straight lines and gradually begin tracing squiggly lines and shapes. Tracing squiggly lines teaches the child control of the pencil which makes writing letters easier.

Learning Letters and Phonetic Sounds

Identifying letters and the sounds they make are the next steps. As children learn their letters, he or she should learn to associate that letter with the sound it makes. This will make the information more concrete and easier to remember while setting the stage for early reading skills.

December 27th, 2016

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How My Child Changed After Attending Montessori School

Before Montessori school, I can admit that my child was a bit “clingy.” It was easy to fall into a pattern of doing things for him… It seemed easier that way. However, each night I worried that my child would struggle to learn how to do things by himself. Surely, there was a way to teach him to become independent. That is when I researched Montessori schools in my area and we decided going that route was a great option for our family. It was the absolute best decision that we could have made – for all of us! Even during the first week, my once timid child became more aware and confident of the things he was capable of.

Daily Routines

When my son began attending Montessori school, he instantly became involved in his own care. He helped me pack his lunch each night after dinner, got a pair of pajamas and his bath supplies, and even helped me lay out his clothes for the following day. Rather than just letting me complete these tasks alone, he became a part of his own care – and now, rarely needs guidance when getting his things together for the day.


Before Montessori school, my son enjoyed crafts, but only in order to produce an end result. He could care less about what he was doing or how he did it, he just wanted to see what it looked like after the work was done. Now, I find him enjoying the process rather than the finished product. Instead of picking certain colors when painting, I find him mixing colors together to produce what he wants and enjoying the activity as a whole. He has become more hands-on in all that he does, and his eagerness to learn grows every day.

Each day I watch my son grow in his education. He is developing into an intelligent, self-sufficient human being, and I owe all of that to his Montessori education. There is nothing in the world that brings me more joy than seeing the smile on my child’s face when he accomplishes something on his own or comes up with a new way of completing a task. Montessori school has helped him gain a positive attitude and an eagerness to learn that will continue to grow with him for years to come.

August 4th, 2016

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