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The Improvements Montessori School Made in My Child’s Life

As a mother, few things are more important to me than my child’s education. When researching the best schools, I discovered a local Montessori school. I loved the individualized approach and child-centered classroom, but I had no idea the full extent that Montessori education would have on my child. Now, after seeing such great improvements, I’d recommend this method of education to anyone.

Here are some of the many benefits my child gained from Montessori School:


Enhanced Social Skills

When my child entered Montessori school at age 8, he was a bit of a loner. He had a difficult time playing with other kids, usually preferring to go off on his own. After a short time in Montessori school, my son blossomed. He now has a lot of new friends, and even interacts more within our family.

Improved Behavior / Self-Discipline

My son was always a good kid, but it was hard at times to get him to do what me and his father asked. Now, he doesn’t need to be told to do simple things, like clean up his messes or get dressed for school in the morning. He does it all himself. I see this, “can do” attitude and independence that he never had before.

More Creativity

Art and music were always my child’s strong points, but in traditional school these things are not always encouraged. In Montessori school, my son is given real tools for growing all of his talents, especially his creativity – not only in art in music, but in many other ways like writing and self-expression. I love seeing my son’s natural curiosity encouraged. It’s really helped fuel a natural love of learning.

Love of Learning

School work was a chore before Montessori school. They teach kids in a natural way that caters to their inner child. My son has thrived in the child-centered educational setting of his Montessori school, and now he actually wants to go to school every single day!

Greater Self-Confidence

With his new “I can do it” attitude, friends, and excitement about school and his future, my son’s self-esteem has sky rocketed! I love seeing him approach life with positivity and motivation to succeed. Before, he was timid, felt unsure of whether he could do well in school, and didn’t seem to feel confident at all. Montessori school was so great for his confidence.

If your child struggles in school or socially, or if you simply want the best education possible, then Montessori school is the way to go. My son and I love it, and I’m sure your child will too! My only regret is not stating him in Montessori school sooner.

February 13th, 2017

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