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How Montessori Children Have Fun

Most people have heard of the Montessori Method, a reputable teaching technique that strives to develop the whole personality of the student through unique educational principles. However, there are still misconceptions surrounding this method…one being the misinterpretation that a Montessori education does not allow children to have fun.


We know that students of all ages learn better when they are having fun. Learning moments occur when children are enjoying themselves… they are actually unaware that they are learning. While Montessori classrooms concentrate on work, children are encouraged to participate in activities that interest them.

In a typical Montessori environment, the teacher is not the focal point of the classroom. The children are. Students are encouraged to participate in activities of their choosing by themselves or with their classmates. They work on their projects and even stop to observe what their fellow students are engaged in…quietly and respectfully. While many may translate the calm atmosphere to unhappy students who are not having fun, we believe, as indicated by Dr. Montessori, that young children play through their work.

The Montessori Method asserts that student learning is improved when they are permitted to work independently to acquire new skills versus being forced to partake in adult-led instruction. Our teaching methods originate from the belief that children want to work and find delight and self-confidence in successfully completing tasks. In fact, students are more content and less pressured…and yes, even much happier, in this learning environment.

Studies indicate children retain more information when learning becomes a byproduct of participating in activities they like. When children participate in enrichment activities like those offered at Montessori Kids Universe, such as gardening, cooking, music, and Yoga, they are receiving a well-rounded educational experience via activities that entice them. So, how do Montessori children have fun? Simply put…through learning!

For many parents, the focus on work may prevent them from selecting a Montessori education for their child. But it shouldn’t. Montessori Kids Universe provides child care programs that make learning both meaningful and fun.

December 6th, 2017

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