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How to Motivate Your Toddler to Learn

Every parent dreams of their child loving school, learning, and excelling academically. Because education and success are closely linked, you try your best to instill good habits in your child for them to carry through their life. Unfortunately, they don’t always cooperate (what else is new)!


A child’s academic success often depends on their interest level in learning. If they are interested in the subjects, if they are progressing quickly, or are gaining confidence by learning independently there is a good chance they will be more interested in learning. This is why Montessori classrooms contain many different learning materials, so that every child has a chance to find something that resonates with them and helps them better develop. With the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be able to foster your child’s motivation to learn and help set them up for a future of success.

Make It Fun

An important part of motivating your child to learn is catering to their interests. Montessori classrooms are set up so that they can appeal to a wide array of children’s interests, keeping them interested and willing to learn. A child who likes dinosaurs but dislikes math may be more interested if they are counting dinosaur eggs or the teeth on a dinosaur toy rather than a number line. Children also like to play, so arts and crafts and other interactive materials are a great way to make learning fun and form a better connection with the information.

Recognize and Encourage Progress

Everyone likes being good at something, and the recognition that comes along with it is a great confidence booster, making it important that you recognize your child’s accomplishments. You can motivate your child by congratulating them when they do something new or by enthusiastically talking to them about what they know. They will gain confidence because they will feel that you are pleased, which in turn will make them want to learn more.

Encourage Independence

While entirely independent learning can be ineffective, guiding your child while they choose their own learning path can be a great way to raise their confidence and interest in learning. Children are controlled in many parts of their lives, and when they are forced to do anything, they are more likely to become opposed to it over time. By allowing them to be free, you can ensure that they are learning comfortably and forming a better connection with the material. This is why the teachers in our Montessori classrooms are more guides than instructors.

January 9th, 2018

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